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banging sound coming from your pipes

Bangin sound coming from your pipes

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So you are sitting at home watching your favorite television show, when all of a sudden you hear this loud banging sound coming from your pipes!  You spend days walking around your home trying to figure out where it is coming from. This sounds is usually the sound plumbing makes when there is damage to key components in your home.  Don’t worry not all plumbing fixes are costly and time consuming, knowing where to look is the first part of the battle.  Below we have listed the most common causes of that oh so annoying banging sound coming from your pipes.  The second part of the battle is choosing a plumber that also knows where to look and won’t spend hours of your time and hard earned money trying to identify the problem.

Banging sound coming from your pipes?

This usually occurs when water shuts off quickly, like dishwasher,washing machine etc.

(A) This could be a pipe has come loose from a hanger and is banging on floor joist in the crawl space.

(B) Air Chambers which help absorb shock are not working properly.

(C) The most Likely cause of this is the pressure reducing valve in your crawl space has gone bad and is making noise.

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